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Is TYKR used for investing or trading?

By Sean Tepper
February 17, 2021

TYKR is used for investing. Investing allows your money to work for you whereas trading you are still working for money like any other job. Here are more details on the differences between investing and trading. Investing is the strategy of buying stocks that are ON SALE and allowing your money to make MORE money (leverage the power of compound interest). This is a safe, conservative, and passive approach. Trading on the other hand is a high risk strategy of buying a stock or option and selling the same day (day trading) or selling within a short period of time such as 30, 60, or 90 days (swing trading). Investing requires less than 1 hour per week whereas trading requires more than 4 hours per day. When you invest in stocks that are ON SALE, you have a high probability of making money. When you trade stocks or options, you have a high probability of losing money. We have nothing against day trading or swing trading, we just like making consistent reliable returns on our investments. The key to building wealth is "consistency".

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