Non-US Stocks

By Sean Tepper
March 12, 2021

Current State
Today, we currently pull data from the following two providers:

US Data:
We pull about 4,000 US stocks from Intrinio. We not only pull the daily share price, we also pull 5 years of historical data from the Income Sheet, Cash Flow Sheet, and Balance Sheet.

Non-US Data:
We manually add non-US stocks (Income Sheet, Cash Flow Sheet, and Balance Sheet) to TYKR but after the stocks are added, the daily share price and currency conversation rate is updated daily.

With the current state, we are facing some issues:

1. We have limited US stocks.
2. We have limited non-US stocks.
3. We have a manual upload process with non-US stocks which is very slow.

This is why we're moving to a new provider with the future state.

Future State
Our new provider is This new feed will be integrated with the new version of TYKR which will go-live spring / summer of 2021. This new feed will provide over 20,000 stocks from countries including the following. Note the countries and estimated number of stocks below.

Australia (1,800+)
China (2,200+)
India (1,600+)
UK (4,000+)
France (800+)
Germany (800+)
Switzerland (400+)
Canada (1,500+)
US (7,000+)

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If you're interested in only investing in stocks from your own country, you might want to ask yourself this question:

Is it more important to build my wealth or invest in businesses from my own country?

If you want to build wealth, then a lot of investors may need to look outside their country for more financially stable businesses. We believe investors should be able to invest in stocks all around the world. There are always great opportunities to build wealth and an investor should never be limited to just the stocks within their country.

Think bigger! Think Global!

Here are some brokers that will allow you to invest globally.

1. About 30 countries are able to use Firstrade. This platform is commission free to buy and sell stocks. To view the full list of countries this platform supports, Click Here.

2. Over 190 countries are able to use Interactive Brokers. This platform has low fees to buy and sell stocks. To view the full list of countries this platform supports, Click Here.

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